Recycled Glass bead strand: Dark Green


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25 x Gorgeous dark green coloured glass beads make up this necklace.

The necklace itself measures 41 cm from the top of the string to the bottom bead.

Each bead is approx. 3cm diameter, a few beads have internal fractures which is common in large decorative beads.

Each necklace looks amazing coiled up, in a bowl or hanging. It is too heavy to be worn as jewelry  – purely decorative only.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


Recycled glass beads are made in Ghana. Old pieces of broken, discarded glass is collected, sorted and then ground down into powder. This powder is then poured into clay moulds and baked in a specialty oven.

These methods have been used in Ghana for years and provide a much needed source of income for the communities.

The beads come in a variety of colours and shapes, depending on the glass collected at the time.



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