What does Fair Trade and ‘ethically sourced’ mean?

Fair Trade is a social movement which promotes and advocates for equal trading conditions between developing and developed countries in a global marketplace. Fair Trade ensures that basic human rights are being met such as respect, justice, fair wages, good working conditions and no child or forced labour.

(source: www.wfto.org.com)

Ethically sourced’ refers to goods that are produced and purchased in a manner that demonstrates respect for the people who produce them as well as for the environment. Goods are purchased through relationships built on trust and openness; producers are compensated at a level that reflects their hard work and that provides a living wage for themselves and their families. (source: Lexicon Food)

Where do you find your textiles?  

Extensive research has led us to some pretty amazing people who support artisans on the ground i.e live side by side ensuring the livlihoods of many disadvantaged people throughout the world. It is through these contacts that we have been able to not only source but support artisans in an ethical manner and give back to the artisans and their communities. African Fabrics, UK: African Imports, USA: Ananse Village, USA: Threads of Peru are just a few that we’d like to thank for their invaluable information and knowledge.   

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