Collective Harmony Australia was formed to showcase traditional handmade textiles from all over the world, to generate incomes for the skilled, yet marginalised artisans who create them and consequently, help preserve cultural identities.


Collective Harmony advocates Fair Trade & social responsibility by embracing long term relationships with ethical suppliers & women’s cooperatives from around the world.

We support the philosophy of the ethical fashion movement by not only showing respect for traditional craftmanship but also ensuing that there is quality in the lives of the artisans who create. Our aim is to use these wonderful textiles to showcasing beautiful homewares that are long lasting in design and colour choices, not just throw away items depending on the next seasonal trend.

Until we all know who made our items; putting a face to products and respecting the story and life behind each artisan, can we all then live in ‘Collective Harmony’.


The idea behind Collective Harmony Australia began cultivating many years ago LBK (Life Before Kids) whilst travelling the world, experiencing cultures, food and handicrafts. Whilst perched atop Mt. Sinai on the 1st January 2000 and watching the first sunrise of the new millenium, I wondered how we could all show respect for one another & live together harmoniously (deep thoughts at 5am).

Fast forward 16 years later with a career in sales, marketing and a keen eye for design under my belt, married with 3 beautiful kids and still wondering how to make a difference in this world. Then suddenly my Macedonian great grandmother passed away. To say that she was the lynch pin within our family would be an understatement and leaves a void still felt today. As I wandered her home looking for solace, I thought how sad it was that none of the women in my family had any handcrafted items from my grandmother to cherish and pass onto our children. No embroidered clothes, knitted slippers (which she was famous for), no embroidered aprons from her old village, nothing to tell her story. That’s when the concept of Collective Harmony began to materialise. To respect & support artisans who use traditional methods to create textiles, to preserve cultural identities through skills & handicrafts & to honour cultural stories for years to come. Thanks for ‘listening’, Karla Beer.


Every purchase positively impacts an artisan, a family and a community.


Artisan Made Products:

We strive to support global artisans by preserving cultural identities through traditionally made textiles and products aswell as respecting the artisans that create them. By avoiding mass produced products, we endeavour to show limited collections and have many unique products on offer.

Ethical Sourcing:

We source our textiles direct from certified Fair Trade suppliers, social enterprises and women’s cooperatives ensuring that a source of income is generated directly into the hands of the artisans and thereby committing to sustainable, long term relationships.

Join Collective Harmony Australia as we make every purchase count

to create a positive impact on society and the earth.


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